A Strategy Game. With Action Combat.


Play as a fully-functioning worker.  Using mechanics familiar from survival games and top-down shooters, explore a map and cut down trees, fish, and mine.


Construct structures and form a base.  Build lumber mills, barracks, turrets, and barricades.  Pave roads.  Plant trees.  Make your base your home.


Fight for your life and your home as you are attacked by two distinct factions - the Multis and the Demons.  Your walls will tumble.  You are never safe.

Imagine a real-time strategy game that puts you on the battlefield.  You are one of the soldiers, one of the workers - you can cut down trees, mine, fish, and fight enemies.  Then you can use those resources to build structures, defenses, and hire workers to gather resources for you.  You can hire soldiers to fight for you.

Welcome to Harvested.

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Be The Soldier

Defend your base using top-down shooter mechanics.  Choose from a knife, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, or sniper rifle.  Fend off two unique enemy factions.  Build turrets and barricades for extra strength.  Hire soldiers to back you up.  Enemies will attack you with swords, guns, explosives, and more - you're going to need all the firepower you can get.

Be The Builder


Build structures to make your base your home.  Build lumber mills, mining camps, and fishing wharfs to train workers who will gather resources for you.  Build town shelters to keep them safe when you are under attack.  Build barracks to train soldiers and armories to keep your ammo from running out.  Build teleportation pads to save you from tough situations. Plant trees and pave roads.  Paint rivers and fill them with fish.  You are the builder and your base is your own.

Explore Carefully Crafted Maps

Harvested features unique hand-crafted survival maps and a full-fledged campaign that takes full advantage of our mechanics.  Find areas hidden behind stone.  Investigate burned villages.  Discover secrets as the story unfolds on Ceres.

We've Entered Closed Alpha

As of July 2016, we are now in a closed alpha state and all open alpha builds have been removed from the internet.  However, we still demo our game at conventions every few months.  If you're interested in giving the game a test, please let us know.

Contact Us

Want to contact us? Think you have what it takes to join us? Shoot us an email at harvestedgame@gmail.com